Mind Body approach to Fertility

Struggling with infertility is truly one of the most difficult challenges  a woman can face.  It seems that everyone around her seems to be having babies easily, yet she continues to struggle with no success.  Infertility is not validated or discussed much in our society.  Often people feel awkward with the delicate nature of the issue and this can create a feeling of isolation for the woman who needs support more than ever.  In addition,often people, through their insensitivity, ask invasive questions like ” Hey, when are you going to get pregnant?”  Parents who want to be grandparents can unknowingly cause additional stress and pressure.

Mind body approaches to fertility are enormously helpful to the woman who is experiencing fertility issues.  In my 10 week psychoeducational program, we focus on learning deep relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and learn ways of working with negative thoughts that hold one back from living a quality life.   Members of the group support one another but it is NOT a support group. Rather, this is a group that helps women go through the fertility process much easier and facilitates pregnancy as supported by much research.

Over the years, the majority of women who choose to learn and practice mind body approaches find joy once again in their lives and go on to be mothers.










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