Talking back to the What-ifs

Fear can be a paralyzing emotion.  The What-ifs play a big part in fear.  One scenario might be that you are considering a new job which will take you to a brand new place where you do not know anyone.  You feel excited and you think you want to take that job. You visualize starting a brand new life, finding new friends, exploring new areas and you begin to feel your pulse quicken. Very quickly, the what-ifs come into the room and take over.  They say things like what if you don’t like it there , what if you find yourself isolated and you don’t meet anyone, what if the job turns out to be not at all right for you and you’ve given up what you had?  Soon you could find yourself in the land of extreme self-doubt and fear and all of those wonderful, exciting emotions have been replaced by worry, anxiety and fear. Trust your instincts. Step out of the fear and take a chance. Listen to that excitement and start dancing. Life is calling.


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